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Simple Majority for School Construction Bonds

Every year since joining the legislature, Monica has championed the effort to garner support for returning the threshold for school bond approval to the original simple majority.  This coming session will be no different if voters return her to Olympia. Every newspaper in the state has written an editorial in support of this effort that will overwhelming assist rural school districts where voters have already spoken to approve.  

Pupil Transportation and Special Education

Even before the pandemic, schools were struggling with unpredictable and complicated state funding formulas.  Monica has been working on better serving students with special learning needs and reforming some of these funding formulas to be more equitable and predictable so schools can better serve students.  Monica regularly meets with large and small school districts in urban and rural areas to best serve every student in the state. Her experience in schools and working in Special Services in Evergreen Schools provides unique and crucial perspective.

Future Funds


In the last session, Rep. Stonier partnered with WA State Treasurer Mike Pellicciotti and Sen. Yasmin Trudeau to introduce a new initiative to break the cycle of generational poverty.  Local community leader and member of the State Investment Board, David Neirenberg worked to explore and develop the concept and build support.  The Treasurer's office is leading a work group to prepare the next version of this bill to be introduced this coming session.

More about Future Funds:

Fertility Services

Washington is a great state to start a family. When the time comes for families to grow, people with infertility challenges lack the insurance coverage for diagnosis and treatment. Potential parents with lots of money can pay for the care they need to diagnose the medical problem and pursue options.  Others go without realizing the dream of having a baby or resort to second mortgages and draining savings to make it happen.  I believe there should be medical insurance coverage for medical challenges. That's why I introduced HB1730 and why I will work on this if returned to Olympia by the voters.

Portable Benefits

For several years, Monica has been working on building what would be the first-in-the-nation portable benefits program, where gig workers and independent contractors can access an employee/employer-paid benefit.  Platform workers, like those whom you find on your phone to give you a ride, deliver you dinner, or bring you groceries, do not have health benefits, workers' compensation, or unemployment. Monica Stonier is working with businesses and workers on a plan for a benefits program that stays with the worker, no matter where they work, so even part-time workers can have access to these crucial benefits.

More about Portable Benefits:

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